NARGON News April

  • Details of the Working Safer regime need to be worked through
  • Food prices down for March but up for the year, card spending lifts
  • NARGON gets a fresh new look
  • Minimum Wage and Starting-Out Wage increases
  • UK:  Supermarkets embrace innovative recycling programmes
  • UK:  Sainsbury's gives away free fish to promote sustainable fishing
  • UK:  Supermarket and star encouraging kids to "Grow and Sell"
  • 75% of shoppers buy the same brands as their mum

NARGON News March 2014

  • The Living Wage dealt a potentially fatal blow
  • Food prices down for February but up for the year, card spending static
  • Single music licence may save stores money
  • UK: Asda to roll out public defibrillators in every store
  • UK: Tesco to sponsor National Vegetarian Week
  • Stores need to be working safer
  • UK: Convenience store customers embrace technology

NARGON News September 2013

  • Labour Leadership Contest focuses on supermarkets
  • Food prices down in August, card transactions up
  • Employment law should not become a political football
  • Foodstuffs North Island formed after merger
  • Impractical Lobbying Bill put out of its misery
  • UK: Call for Junk Free Checkouts
  • Scotland: Doggy parking bay helps new store succeed

NARGON News June2013

  • Technology - an integral part of the shopping experience
  • Health and Safety Report out
  • Food prices up, card spending up
  • Political comment - highlights of the
    Employment amendment act
  • Better use of skills among
    NZ Businesses

NARGON News April 2013

  • Termination on medical grounds
  • Food prices down, card spending up
  • Political Profile: Hon Simon Bridges
  • Minimum wage reccommendations
  • Practical guide to the best use
    of security cameras

NARGON News February 2013

  • Information on changes to alcohol legislation
  • Food Fraud shows a dramatic increase
  • Holidays Amendment Bill
  • Change to minimum wage process expected
  • Supermarket self checkout cheats
  • New standards for health claims on product label

NARGON News August 2012

  • Food prices and card spending down
  • Government poised to introduce labour law reforms
  • Alcohol legislation delayed amid political squabbling
  • UK: Supermarkets to sell knobbly fruit and vegetables
  • Political comment: David Clark (Labour)
  • NARGON opposed to $15 an hour minimum wage

NARGON News June 2012

  • Record drop in retail sales
  • Flexible working hours are on the way
  • Supermarket scoops energy efficiency prize
  • New tobaccorestrictions from 23 July 2012
  • UK: Three-year old uses social media to change a products name
  • USA: Los Angeles bans plastic bags in supermarkets

NARGON News April 2012

  • Electronic Card Spending
  • Councils to be refined back to their core functions
  • NARGON Submissions
  • The importance of Social Media
  • Political comment: Hon Kate Wilkinson
  • UK: Minimum alcohol pricing

NARGON News February 2012

  • FMCG and NARGON Supplier Awards 2012
  • Food prices up, card transactions dip again
  • National promises new starting wage
  • Supermarket brands become more popular
  • UK: Scotland looks to introduce minimum price for alcohol
  • Political comment: Hon John Banks
  • UK: Tobacco Changes look increasingly likely
  • UK: Christmas news snippets
  • AUS: Most Australians value price over origin

NARGON News November 2011

  • FMCG & NARGON Supplier Awards 2012
  • AUS: MPs want supermarkets to label margins
  • EUR: Fat taxes on the agenda
  • Advice on Minimum Employment Rights
  • What the politicians say about the Alcohol Reform Bill
  • UK: Bag tax in Wales 4
  • UK: Scotland: Debate over supermarket tax

NARGON News October 2011

  • Sales up, food prices also rise
  • 130 more changes to alcohol reform legislation
  • Consumers to finally get proper choice on related products
  • Both parties coy on employment changes
  • Free FMCG Magazine subscription
  • Political comment
  • UK: School leavers encouraged to consider a career in retail
  • UK: British stores hit by rioters and looters

NARGON News Aug - Sept 2011

  • First Te reo Countdown to open
  • Government is not keen on youth rates
  • Earthquake highlights stacking and shelving hazards
  • Political comment x 2
  • Tobacco display ban passed
  • Kiwi shopping habits revealed
  • Employing staff for Rugby World Cup
  • Aus: Tobacco companies fight back
  • UK: Careers advisors need to understand the industry

NARGON News July 2011

  • Earthquake reflections from down south
  • Food prices increase, electronic transactions flat
  • Budget 2011 summary
  • UK: Shoppers to cook from scratch more
  • Written employment agreements
  • Political comment
  • UK: Royal wedding drives sales

NARGON News June 2011

  • Employment agreement changes as of 1 July 2011
  • Top ten food trends for 2011
  • Food prices edge up, more alcohol available
  • Sustainable Business
  • Employer obligations under Immigration Act
  • NZTE sustainable business research
  • Legislative log-jam
  • UK: Sunday trading set to stay at just six hours


NARGON News May 2011

  • Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Heartland rugby and the rural grocery store
  • Sales up, food prices up
  • Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Australia's "tough anti-smoking laws"
  • Premier Bacon Grocers Breakfast
  • UK: Salt in fish and chip shops
  • Political comment:

NARGON News April 2011

  • Rules about breaks
  • Sales Report
  • Canterbury Resources
  • Changes at Statistics NZ
  • Earthquake relief efforts
  • (UK) Shops unprepared for recovery
  • (US) Top grocer bagger found
  • Public Holiday Information
  • Expo breakfast

NARGON News February 2011

  • Extra public holidays?
  • Sales up, food prices down
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Greens renew attacks on supermarkets
  • Highlights of 2010
  • Political comment
  • Foodstuffs Expo and NARGON Breakfast
  • Retail Quiz
  • Profile Review

NARGON News November 2012

  • Food prices down again, card spending continues to drop
  • Government likely to reject all Opposition liquor law amendments
  • upgraded
  • Attacks on the Starting Out Wage miss the mark
  • Chance to save money on power bills
  • Wales: Chewing gum levy defeated

NARGON News November 2010

  • Information on public holidays
  • Foodstuffs Expo Breakfast
  • Theft costings hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Reject calls to exempt certain products from G.S.T
  • Highlights of 2010
  • On a lighter note
  • Retail Quiz
  • Profile review

NARGON News October 2010

  • Nargon Supplier Awards 2010
  • After the Earthquake
  • UK: Who ate all the pies?
  • Getting Lean to beat the recession
  • Political Comment: Peter Dunne (United Future)
  • Profile
  • UK: Waitrose launches first IPhone app.

NARGON News September 2010

  • Sponsors for the NARGON 2010 Supplier Awards
  • Sales up again but food prices falling overall
  • Free business website improved
  • If you cannot accept your customers money, someone else will
  • Major changes coming for Liquor laws
  • Political comment - Hon Kate Wilkinson (National)
  • UK: Public split on plastic bag tax

NARGON News August 2010

  • NARGON Supplier Awards 2010
  • Government annouces big change to employment law
  • Sales up marginally but food prices still falling overall
  • IRD to address GST errors
  • Skills highway looks to boost literacy and numeracy
  • UK: Vegetarians "not happy" with supermarket selection
  • UK: Technology to beat the weather
  • Political comment: Rahui Katene MP (Maori Party)

NARGON News July 2010

  • Employment changes - thoughtful - moderate
  • NARGON June submissions
  • Sales drop sharply while food prices edge down
  • EFTPOS: Are you ready?
  • Green business tool transferred.
  • NARGONS position on tobacco displays
  • AUS: Mobile phones to help shoppers with allergies
  • Political comment: Hon Maurice Williamson (National)

NARGON News June 2010

  • NARGON's take on Budget 2010
  • New website launched for young employees
  • Sales drop sharply while food prices edge down
  • Wine Sales - Some independent advice
  • Still calls for 'healthy' food to be exempt from GST
  • Guide to help business with Health and Safety issues
  • Political comment - Hon David Cunliffe
  • UK: Convenience store kills the video shop

NARGON News May 2010

  • Business should prepare for a GST Hike
  • Legislation update
  • Youth minimum wage Bill defeated
  • New Zealand enjoys a craft beer renaissance
  • New guide to help businesses with pay issues
  • Guide to infant feeding in the workplace released
  • Political comment - Hon David Cunliffe
  • UK: Supermarket chain gets involved in the election
  • AUS: Lessons from the failure of Grocery Watch

NARGON News March 2010

  • Minimum wage rise
  • No exemptions on food if GST goes up
  • Free and discounted copies of Slippers
  • April public holidays
  • Environmental self audit
  • Political comment - Kate Wilkinson
  • US: Carbon as important as calories

NARGON NEWS February 2010

  • Apathy
  • Changes in taxation
  • Balancing act in minimum wage change
  • Sales up - food prices down
  • Shop blows signature test
  • Taking care of first aid
  • Possible changes to the Holiday Act
  • Commentry - Mark Blumsky
  • UK: Developments in Supermarkets
  • UK: Zero Carbon Supermarket

NARGON News December 2009

  • 2009 Supplier Awards
  • 2009 Christmas and New Years Holidays
  • Retail sales up Food down
  • Changes for break laws
  • Unleashing staff potential
  • More thanmuddling through
  • Political comment
  • The worst words you can say

NARGON News October 2009

  • Hellers - Number One for Sausages, Bacon and Ham
  • Sales head south in August
  • Food labelling useless
  • Credit card savings on the way
  • Recession stops kids pestering
  • Political comment
  • UK Consumers

NARGON News September 2009

  • The mathmatics of retailing continued
  • Supermarket and grocery statistics
  • Web rule book
  • Infant feeding code
  • Fifty Point Action Plan
  • Commentary - Business NZ
  • Employment Agreements

NARGON News August 2009

  • Review of Holidays Act welcomed
  • Government unveils economic plan
  • Supermarket and grocery statistics
  • Possible changes for liquor sales
  • Employment
  • agreements
  • New environmental tool for business
  • Political comment

NARGON News July 2009

  • Lean retailing
  • Supermarket and grocery jump
  • Keep safe from Swine flu
  • Employment agreements
  • Holiday Act review
  • Political comment
  • Filing GST online
  • Aus: Cost of cigarettes

NARGON News June 2009

  • It's in the bag!
  • Little change in retail statistics
  • Saving power = saving money
  • Help for workplace injury management
  • Budget 2009
  • Political comment
  • Tips for riding out the recession
  • The tools for business

NARGON News May 2009

  • Improving store security
  • Supermarket and Grocery sales rise
  • Enhanced business support
  • 9 day fortnight option extension
  • Call to introduce unit pricing
  • Political comment

NARGON News April 2009

  • Supermarket and Grocery sales rise
  • Tobacco display ban not on agenda
  • New employment laws
  • Liquor Law
  • changes expected
  • Holiday Act
  • potential changes
  • UKSupermarket bans battery egg

NARGON News March 2009

  • ACC levies to rise
  • 90 day trial employment
  • Minimum wage increase
  • KiwiSaver Changes
  • Changes in alcohol legislation
  • AUS: unit pricing
  • Buy NZ continues

NARGON News February 2009

  • A supermarkets view on the minimum wage
  • A glimmer of good news in the statistics
  • Privacy officers in stores
  • The small business package
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Holidays act review
  • Employee dishonesty

NARGON News January 2009

  • A holiday poem
  • Reduce retail theft in the holidays
  • Gloomy statistics
  • Police warning
  • Ban on tobacco displays
  • Political comment
  • 90 day trial (Employment)