Employment Agreements


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Employment contracts:

  • Individual agreement with 90 day clause
  • Casual agreement
  • Business Rules
  • Fixed term agreement

Fixed Term Employment Agreement

  • 07 January 2014

NARGON has developed a fixed term employment agreement suitable for use by stores that are affected by seasonal changes. This agreement could be used for employees who assist over the summer period, or any other busy period, but could be amended to take account of other variances in trading.


The use of fixed term employment has been tightened up by the new legislation, and a clear and valid written reason must be given when the employment commences outlining why a limited term is being offered.

This reason must still be valid at the termination of the employment. The agreement must also state when the employment will end.

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Casual Agreement

  • 07 January 2014

This agreement can be used for staff who are employed on a floating/Casual basis and who are not permanent part-time staff.

For permenent part-time staff, please use the Individual agreement

This agreement covers each separate term of employment (employment on a casual basis terminates after each period of casual employment).

Note: There are, some important points to note in hiring casual staff; these are detailed in the contract. Please view before using by clicking on the "Read more >" link below.

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