Member Benefits

Benefits of NARGON membership

Membership of the Grocery Retailers' Association offers a number of benefits, all of which are included in the annual membership subscription:


We are able to provide advice on issues ranging from shop trading hours, to selling alcohol, to health and safety, to interpreting relevant legislation. If you need information, or have a problem, the Grocery Retailers' Association is here to help you.

Employment information:

We provide employment contracts that can be customised to the needs of an individual member's business, advice on a range of employment issues (including access to an employment specialist where required) and an annual wage and salar survey, which members can use to assist them when setting pay levels in their business.


The Grocery Retailers' Association's newsletter, which is distributed monthly to members, provides up-to-date industry information.


Members are able to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, which provides information on emerging issues of importance to the industry.

Web site:

Our web site has a password protected members-only area that contains a wealth of information on issues of importance to those operating businesses in the grocery retail industry. For those members without web access, information sheets on all matters covered in the web page are available on request.

Lobbying / a voice:

There are always a number of issues that affect the grocery retail industry, and the Grocery Retailers' Association works to ensure that the voice of our members is heard in relation to those issues. To do this, the Association sits on various committees, writes submissions, comments on legislation that is being drafted and lobbies appropriate individuals and organisations. Issues that the Grocery Retailers' Association provides comment on include employment, tobacco, alcohol and shop-trading hours legislation, health and safety in the workplace, business compliance costs, food labelling and food safety.

Members' functions:

The Grocery Retailers' Association also runs members' functions such as the Supplier Awards and Breakfast at the Foodstuffs Expo, These functions provide opportunities for retailers and suppliers to discuss issues of mutual importance.