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Updates on Parental Leave Payments

  • 17 June 2014

Families with new born babies can expect an increase in parental leave payments from 1 July this year.

The maximum amount of parental leave payment for eligible employees will increase from $488.17 to $504.10 a week

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The minimum wage

  • 25 February 2014

There are three minimum wage rates:

  • The adult minimum wage applies to all employees aged 16 and over who are not starting-out workers or trainees, and all employees who are involved in supervising or training other employees.
  • The starting-out wage applies to starting-out workers. Starting-out workers are:
    • 16- and 17-year-old employeeswho have not yet completed six months of continuous employment with their current employer.
    • 18- and 19-year-old employees who have been paid a specified social security benefit for six months or more, and who have not yet completed six months continuous employment with any employer since they started being paid a benefit. Once they have completed six months continuous employment with a single employer, they will no longer be a starting-out worker, and must be paid at least the adult minimum wage rate.
    • 16- to 19-year-old employees who are required by their employment agreement to undertake industry training for at least 40 credits a yearin order to become qualified.
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Wellness in the Workplace Survey Report

  • 12 December 2013

This is the final version of the Wellness in the Workplace report, which was conducted in association with Southern Cross and Gallagher Bassett.

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Minimum employment rights and obligations

  • 21 November 2013

This brochure by the Department of Labour provides an overview of the minimum rights and obligations that apply by law to employers and employees.

Employees cant be asked to agree to less than the minimum rights. An employee is anyone who has agreed to be employed, under a contract of service, to work for some form of payment. This can include wages, salary, commission and piece rates.

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Guide to restructuring

  • 19 August 2013

If you are thinking about restructuring your store in any way, use this guide to help you through the process.

Restructuring can include moving staff positions, making redundancies or reducing staff hours.

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