Changes to Liquor Laws - Fact Sheets

Legislation reforming New Zealand's alcohol laws was passed by Parliament on 11 December 2012, received Royal Assent on 18 December 2012 and is now law.

What was previously the Alcohol Reform Bill is now three Acts:

  • Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act
  • Local Government (Alcohol Reform) Amendment Act.
  • Summary Offences (Alcohol Reform) Amendment Act.

The new laws replace the Slae of Liquor Act 1989 in stages from 18 December 2013.

The ministry of Justice has published an offical guide to the legislation including a series of Fact Sheets.

The fact sheets can be found below, but if you wish to view the guide, visit:

The Ministrys website is the official source of information for whats changing, when the changes are happening, who will be affected and how the new system will work. Information will be updated regularly over the first 12 months to help affected groups prepare for changes that relate to them.

Copies of the new Acts can be found at:

Queries can be sent to: